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  • Product Description
    Cummins isn't just an engine business, but a global power leader with more than billions in sales every year. Cummins is a family of inter-related, yet diversified businesses that create or enhance value as a result of doing business with each other or having those relationships.

    Cummins Parts are made to highly specified standards, not only to deliver the power owners demand, but also to keep Cummins engines performing at top efficiency year after year. With correct parts and regular maintenance, drivers who utilize Cummins engines can depend on the performance and efficiency their vehicles were designed to deliver over the long haul.
  • Product Specifications -
    Brand:  CU -   Cummins
    Part Description:   Cummins | Remanufactured Injector | Cummins N14
    Our Part Number:  3411767RX
    Cross Reference Numbers: 3411767 | 3411767PX |
    Product Weight:   4.00 (lbs)
    Warranty:   | Manufacturer supplied warranty
    Proposition 65 Warning:  Prop 65 Logo Click Here For Details
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