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Wiper blades are designed to remove water and debris from your windshield, which produces crystal-clear vision, regardless of your traveling conditions. With Cardinal Parts we offer the best wiper solutions for any season or situation.

  • Bosch Fuel Injection Products
    Bosch Wiper Blades

Available Products

ICON Wiper Blades Evolution Wiper Blades
Clear Advantage Wiper Blades Insight Wiper Blades
Excel+ Wiper Blades MicroEdge Wiper Blades
DirecConnect Wiper Blades Marathon Wiper Blades
Snow Driver Wiper Blades Envision Wipers
Spectrum DirectFit Wiper Blades PureVision Wiper Blades
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Our Brands

  • Av-Tekk Charge-Air Coolers
  • Cardinal Parts / Reman
  • Cardinal EGRs
  • MFE Performance Diesel

As a member of the Diesel USA Group of companies, we represent the largest distribution entity for turbochargers in North America. By supplying genuine auto and truck products, we help our customers find the parts they need!

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