Skyline Emissions Products

Developed by an engineering team with decades of diesel emissions control experience, Skyline DPFs combine Exact-Fit™ design with exceptional quality and extensive performance testing. Skyline means greater value, their design, state-of-the-art manufacturing and testing capability have resulted in a durable DPF with extended service life.

Skyline understands that your operation depends on equipment uptime and reliability. To ensure optimum performance, they operate their own state-of-the-art emissions testing facility and have performed extensive durability and emissions control performance validation testing. Skyline DPFs are designed and tested to maximize DPF reliability, engine performance and service life.

Additionally, compared to remanufactured OEM DPFs, Skyline DPFs offer reduced exhaust restriction and optimum engine performance, combined with exceptional durability and longer service life.

Skyline DPFs are built to last and will keep your fleet running with lower operating costs. Contact Cardinal Parts for any Skyline DPF needs you might have.

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