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      Since the start of Av-tekk, Diesel USA's charge-air coolers has been revolutionizing the industry. From their first O.E. style (tube & fin) charge-air coolers, to their new amazing Heavy Duty Bar and Plate designs, Av-Tekk products continue to improve. Even now when the industry is asking more of its diesel charge-air coolers, Av-Tekk products stand above the rest.

      Charge-air coolers are a critical component in your air induction system that help to improve engine efficiency. When this system is properly working, it provides better horsepower, increased fuel efficiency, and reduces engine emissions. A leaking charge-air cooler accounts for the greatest percentage of fuel loss for on-road diesel trucks, but with Diesel USA's Av-Tekk on your side you could well be on your way to putting that money back into your pockets.

      Choosing which charge-air cooler is best for your diesel engine is why Av-tekk exists. They're many options when attempting to solve your charge-air cooler issues, but only one will get you back up and going at the highest quality, this is the Av-Tekk solution.

      With the most comprehensive charge-air cooler line on the market today, Av-Tekk offers a complete solution for any diesel application. Add into the mix Quick Check Leak Test Kits and Av-Tekk's Hose and Clamp Kits, and anyone with a charge-air cooler need not look elsewhere.

    • Part Information
      Brand:  AT -   Av-tekk
      Part Description:   STYLE
      Our Part Number:  PB20BNEWHD
      Cross Reference Numbers:  

      331009, 85103376, 518731, 1502AB, 1E3316, 1E3816, 1E5635, 3E7747, F316011, F316049, F419078,

      Product Weight:   80.00
      Part Notes:   Core size 33 1/2 in. X 30 3/8 in. inlet 4 in. outlet 4 in. (Bar and plate)
      Warranty:   7 Year | Manufacturer supplied warranty
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      Prop 65 Warning

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