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    • Product Description

      Since the start of Av-tekk, Diesel USA's charge-air coolers has been revolutionizing the industry. From their first O.E. style (tube & fin) charge-air coolers, to their new amazing Heavy Duty Bar and Plate designs, Av-Tekk products continue to improve. Even now when the industry is asking more of its diesel charge-air coolers, Av-Tekk products stand above the rest.

    • Product Specifications -
      Brand:  AT -   Av-tekk
      Part Type:   EGR Valve
      Part Description:   EGR VALVE
      Our Part Number:  GA302
      Cross Reference Numbers: 1846490C91 | 1846491C91 | 4C3Z9F452A | 4C3Z9F452ARM | 5C3Z9F452AA | 5C3Z9F452ARM | AP63438R | CX2056 | EGR600 | EXHTV105 |
      Product Notes:

      Early Model VT365 Engines produced prior to 9/22/03

      Warranty:   12 Month | Manufacturer supplied warranty
      Proposition 65 Warning:  Prop 65 Logo Click Here For Details
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