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      Part # 857564-6001
      Garrett | New Intercooler Upgrade | 2015-2018 Ford Mustang 2.3l | Ecoboost
    • Brand Information

      Garrett Turbochargers

      When it’s time to replace your car’s turbocharger, don’t take risks. When your turbocharger is spinning at 300,000 rpm, and operating up to 1050 degrees Celsius, almost the same isn’t good enough. Independent Lab tests show as much as 40% performance gap between genuine Garrett Aftermarket Turbos and Copies.

      Who is Garrett?
      Garrett is one of the automotive industry’s most iconic brands. It’s a name synonymous with six decades of world-first innovation, responsible for ground-breaking turbocharging technologies that have changed the way we think about performance and driveability.

      From mainstream passenger vehicles to F1 racing cars; from delivery vans and haulage trucks to huge off-highway equipment… Garrett turbo technology has been the boost behind some of the most significant moments in automotive history. Through experience, talent and a mindset that challenges convention, the Garrett brand will continue to set the pace; to create the differentiated high-performance systems that deliver competitive advantage to our customers and help redefine the end user experience.

      Whether you are looking for quality Original Equipment replacements or trying to add more boost, Garrett is your best choice.
    • Part Information
      Brand:  GT -   Garrett Turbochargers
      Part Description:   Garrett | New Intercooler Upgrade | 2015-2018 Ford Mustang 2.3l | Ecoboost
      Our Part Number:  857564-6001
      Cross Reference Numbers:  

      Product Weight:   20.00
      Part Notes:   Supports up to 600 HP
      Warranty:   12 Month | Manufacturer supplied warranty
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