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  • Product Description
    Since the 1980's Denso has provided premium components for the aftermarket under the First Time Fit brand. Denso has spent decades perfecting their craft, standing behind their commitment to quality, innovation, and advanced technology, making everything Denso does...BETTER BY DESIGN.

    Denso First Time Fit® products — including A/C compressors, starters, alternators, oxygen sensors, ignition wire sets, fuel pumps, cabin air, oil and air filters, wiper blades and more — are products built and tested to OE-standard offered for the aftermarket by DENSO. Each of these products is precision-built for exact replacement so you don't have to worry about doing the same job twice.
  • Product Specifications -
    Brand:  NE -   Denso
    Part Description:   Denso | Off-set Gear Reduction Starter | 12 Volts - 13 Teeth
    Our Part Number:  228000-1953
    Cross Reference Numbers: 16990 | 19011400 | 19011402 | 24625112 | 91295743N | SR10530N |
    Warranty:   | Manufacturer supplied warranty
    Proposition 65 Warning:  Prop 65 Logo Click Here For Details
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