Mitsubishi Turbocharger

Based on technological capabilities that have been developed over the years, Mitsubishi Turbochargers has been building up its technical experience for more than a century. Mitsubishi Turbo is an industry leading company when it comes to utilizing high-quality materials, chemistry, vibrations, thermodynamics, fluid dynamics, thermal conduction, tribology and electro physics. Mitsubishi Research & Development Centers embody the joint development of these overlapping areas of expertise. Mitsubishi Turbocharger provides a broad range of products and services for a wide diversity of turbo machinery applications: gas turbines, steam turbines, water jets, compressors and turbochargers.

Mitsubishi Turbocharger Products

Mitsubishi Turbochargers has been producing turbo machinery products for almost half a century. Beginning with turbocharger production for industrial diesel engines started back in 1957, Mitsubishi continues it's proud heritage of quality products for all types of appliations. You can learn more about Mitsubishi by visiting their website (by clicking the link below), or by contacting Cardinal Parts for any needs you might have.

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