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    Mass Flo Engineering is home to premier performance diesel and gas products. For diesel fans they provide a wide array of performance upgrades ranging from injectors and nozzles to fuel pumps and turbochargers.

    There are so many companies now selling fuel injectors, turbochargers, and other devices that claim to increase the mass flow of air and fuel through an engine for the purpose of increasing power. Many only focus upon flow rating alone and engine performance problems soon follow. For example, changing injector tips alone are a common practice based upon a flow rating of the tips where the spray holes are located. However, the tips alone are not the total determining factor of fuel volumetric flow in an injector. Without flowing the entire injector, including the body and tip, flow variations can scatter and air-to-fuel ratio on a cylinder-to-cylinder basis can deviate greatly.

    All MFE injectors are totally calibrated and come with their own pedigree, or calibration spec sheet, that not only verifies total volumetric flow, but also verifies total flow variation between injectors. This means each set is essentially a “matched set of injectors” that insure cylinder-to-cylinder balanced fuel flow. This process is very labor intensive, much like cylinder head porting and air flow variation between ports. However, the serious performance-minded diesel owner understands that there are no short cuts to high-quality precision engine components. In fact many of the suppliers of these “high-flow” injectors do not even have the equipment to flow-verify complete injectors and are why they sell injector tips alone, their experience and investment is less.

    At MFE they don’t do that. MFE applies all of their capabilities to supply the very best performance possible. It’s done right or they don’t sell it. The MFE products are the very best products of their type that money can buy.

    We supply a broad range of MFE Performance injectors and turbochargers.