3 Reasons to Buy Genuine Turbochargers

Today's top vehicles work at the molecular level to atomize fuel with finely tuned air and fuel pressure maximizing fuel efficiency, while its component parts are performance matched to control emissions. That is why using the correct replacement parts is more important today than ever before.

Genuine Turbochargers

#1 Reason | Reliability & Quality

OEM products are made to highly specific standards, not only to deliver the power owners demand, but also to keep diesel and gas engines performing at top efficiency year after year. With correct-genuine, original equipment turbochargers and regular maintenance, drivers can depend on the performance and efficiency their vehicles were designed to deliver over the long haul.

Genuine Benefits

  • Reduced Downtime
  • Optimized Fuel Efficiency
  • Delivered Factory Level Performance
  • Optimized Factory Level Efficiency
  • Demonstrated Durability
  • OE / Factory Backed Warranties

#2 Reason | Guaranteed Fit & Safety

Why are counterfeiters able to sell their product so cheap? Because counterfeiters don't invest in the design, development, and the research testing needed to ensure proper fitment. Without correct fitment, safety becomes a major concern. That's right, safety! Using a counterfeit product not only endangers the life of your vehicle, but debris from an inferior designed component can actually leave your vehicle at high enough speeds to endanger someone's life.

The difference? With rigorous testing, genuine original equipment manufacturers invest into their products, not only to ensure that the proper safety requirements are met but that your vehicle is in less danger from being severely damaged. Counterfeiters don't invest in product design and development or in the testing needed to make sure their products stand up to constant use, Don't risk it!

#3 Reason | Warranty & Support

Don't be fooled by long warranties with short mileage restrictions! Cardinal Parts represents the largest distribution entity for genuine turbochargers in North America. As master and central distributors, we maintain a vast inventory to service most any commercial or consumer vehicle by utilizing our direct relationships with many major OE manufacturers. By utilizing our direct contacts we are able to work with the manufacturers for better warranty support, ensuring failed parts are properly handled regardless of the reason. Counterfeit products cannot offer the same warranty support!

Genuine Manufacturers

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