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  • Cardinal Parts's complete all makes product offering allows us to service everything from passenger cars and commercial vehicles, to industrial, locomotive and marine applications.

  • About Cardinal Reman

    Cardinal Reman, a Division of Cardinal Parts, is a “Hybrid Reman Center for On-Demand Supply”. This niche exists for many of the market’s major OEM suppliers where a “High-Mix/Low-Volume” demand for air and fuel assemblies is necessary to supply service for low volume and/or aging equipment. The Cardinal Reman facility fills a Hybrid-type function where through-put costs closely approximate that of a major reman facility with job-shop-like flexibility and craftsmanship quality.

    Today’s diesel component remanufacturing facilities are much like manufacturing facilities where plant square footage is allocated to high-volume parts to avoid the set-up costs associated with high-mix / low-volume demand. Typically, major remanufacturers prefer to continuously run the same parts or assemblies in a dedicated line to avoid changing set ups.

    The blending of reman practices with job-shop craftsmanship and care provides major suppliers with a cost/benefit dynamic that allows for minimum inventory by that manufacturer while providing quality service support for customers using older equipment.

    The technical merits of Cardinal Reman include knowledge of the industry’s oldest technical products, as well as knowledge of the latest technology of products and methodologies, along with an ISO-9001:2015 certified facility to fulfill these specialty needs of the diesel component replacement market.