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    The trend toward smaller sized engines producing higher horsepower places increased stresses on critical performance components such as turbochargers and charge-air coolers. Boost pressures have driven cooler inlet temperatures from around 325°F during the 70’s and 80’s, to over 400°F in later model engines.

    A typical cooler operating with slightly over 400°F inlet temperature will drop the boosted air’s temperature to just over 100°F before it enters the engine. This drop of nearly 300°F causes extreme thermal stresses from expansion and contraction of the entire structure. These stresses along with engine load variances and chassis vibrations cause frequent fatigue failures on OEM type tube & fin constructed coolers.

    Av-Tekk’s solution is a proven design and construction that is impervious to thermal fatigue. They just don’t fail!


    Av-Tekk’s highly efficient durable cooler design eliminates the header plates in the construction process.

    Industry studies have shown header plate thermal fatigue failures and air tube leaks account for the majority of cooler failures. The Bar & Plate center section permits the manifolds to be welded directly to the center section, eliminating the need for header plates.

    Av-Tekk’s proven Heavy Duty (HD) Designs are available in many high volume applications and as a direct result of our robust process we are able to offer our outstanding warranty on all of our heavy duty coolers.

    Choosing which charge-air cooler is best for your diesel engine is why we are here. They're many options when attempting to solve your charge-air cooler issues, but only one will get you back up and going at the highest quality, this is the Av-Tekk solution.

    Through Av-tekk, Cardinal Parts offers a wide range of products for heavy duty applications.

    Featured Products

    • PB-20BNEWHD
    • Av-tekk
      Bar & Plate Cooler For Peterbilt applications
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    • Av-tekk
      Bar & Plate Cooler For Kenworth applications
    • KW-10BNEWHD
    • Av-tekk
      Bar & Plate Cooler For Kenworth applications
    • MK-14ENEWHD
    • Av-tekk
      Bar & Plate Cooler For Mack applications